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SRSC has matched wonderful dogs with great families. Some adopters have shared these updates with us on their Samoyeds.

Mia is obsessed with her new mom and is working her magic on her new Dad. She has 2 human sisters who live with her (and give her all the cuddles) and 4 human siblings who visit her. She gets two long walks a day and goes to work with mom, where she is the best girl! She loves the car, tennis balls and dog toys. Mia plays all around her huge backyard and likes to cool off in the pool after her walks. She is so loved already!

He’s been such a sweet boy no nipping no biting and he finally stopped all growling just a couple weeks ago. He is showing no signs of resource guarding of any kind.

He does love to play fetch and at times he likes me to pull the ball out of his mouth by rubbing up against me. He gives me kisses everytime I put his food down or water. Whether it’s in my ear or the side of my cheek. He’s such a sweet boy. He’s very mellow and calm. He gets a ton of play time!

I’ve trained him to go sit at the sliding class door when I open the gate from his side of the house.. also when coming in from outside he will follow the command gate.. and he will run over to his gate and wait for me to open it. At times my daughter leaves her socks on the floor and he will pick one up. But he drops it as soon as I say “drop it”.

I have our house divided up with baby gates so he and my husky do not have full reign of our house yet. Whenever they sleep they like to sleep near each other.. and they wait for each other when they are let out to play. There’s a roadrunner that suddenly appeared that likes to keep Kody busy every morning for the past few weeks. He jumps from tree to tree.. Kody also loves to chase butterflies hummingbirds and bugs.. Kody is loving his new home and his new best friend .. and I’m so thankful our husky Kiko has a new best friend too!

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