Peyton: Sept 2021
Peyton: 2021
  • 8-year-old female mix.
  • 50 lbs.
  • Spayed
  • Microchipped
  • Current on shots
  • Healthy


SRSC picked up Snow White from a shelter. She definitely lived in a home; she looks good for being in a shelter. She has a chip, but had no registration (until now).

We estimate her age at 8 years, due to a record of her spaying in 2014 (at the same shelter where we found her).
She is not attached to the name, Snow White….this was assigned by the shelter.

Notes from foster home –

  • Vet thought she looked and acted much younger than 8 years. She has definitely been in a home, very used to lounging on the furniture.
  • She’s at a good weight – 50 lbs.
  • She may have a little Husky in her, with her blue eyes and lip line – but everything else looks strongly Sammy.
  • I think she’d love to run in a yard with squirrels and birds. She’s agile enough to climb on a table!
  • No interest in being in a crate, prefers the sofa.
  • Loves car rides…she easily sat in the back seat (halter attached to seat belt) and was very comfortable.
  • Loves walks/runs.
  • No destructive behavior exhibited.
  • Traits
    • sweet
    • stays right by her “person”
    • loves walks – doesn’t pull on the leash
    • loves car rides
  • Activity Level: medium
  • Obedience Training: doing well with her foster.
  • Troublesome Behavior: none except she is accustomed to lounging on furniture.

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