Peyton: 2021
  • 2-year-old male mix.
  • 55 lbs.
  • Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Current on shots
  • Healthy


Barry is a 2-year-old male mix with all the loving Sammy traits you’d expect. He’s a really mellow guy who likes to get close and be with people. In fact, the attendants where he is boarded tell us he’s the sweetest Samoyed they’ve ever had.

He’s great with people of all ages and other dogs, does well on a leash and even appears to know some commands.

The volunteer who transported him says he’s great in a car, loves to ride and would bring much joy to any loving home that adopts him.

Barry is neutered, chipped and current on shots and will make someone a lifelong friend.

We rescued Barry as a stray from the Baldwin Park Shelter.  The shelter’s behavior assessment for Barry was all positive and confirmed that he is a gentle soul.

Barry A5541241 greeted the runner with a neutral body, neutral eyes, a low tail wag, a closed mouth and he barked. He was easy to remove and walked well on leash. In the catch pen when he was introduced to the dogs his body was neutral, his eyes were soft, his tail wagged neutrally, and his mouth was closed. He entered the yard and exchanged appropriate greetings with the dogs. He engaged in play. He mounted some of the dogs and needed to be corrected. Overall Barry was tolerant of the dogs and would benefit best in a gentle/dainty yard”

Barry is currently being boarded in Garden Grove and can be seen most days by appointment most days between 10am & 2pm.

  • Traits
    • calm
    • stays right by his “person”
    • gentle
    • friendly
  • Activity Level: medium
  • Obedience Training: knows some commands
  • Troublesome Behavior: absolutely none

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