Steps To Adopt

Steps to Adopting a Samoyed

  • Fill out our questionnaire FORM
  • Ready your family, neighbors, house, and yard
  • Watch the available dogs list and keep in contact with us
  • SRSC representative performs a home check to make sure you’re ready to adopt a Samoyed
  • SRSC introduces prospective dog into your home
  • Sign the SRSC adoption contract
  • Pay the adoption fee ($250-$500)

Adopting Details

Fill out our Pre-Adoption online form- You have to do this. Even if it seems like a big, weird hassle, it helps us match you to a Samoyed waiting for adoption.

Having reviewed your Questionnaire, our Rescue Coordinator will contact you about available dogs. Even if a suitable dog isn’t available, you’ll be on the waiting list. In the meantime, get your house and yard ready to accept the new dog. Repair fences and protect plants and lawns. Collect up possible “chew toys”, such as fine Italian leather shoes, and store them safely in a closet. A new dog often marks (um, with urine) a new house inside and out. Sorry, but you’d better have some enzymatic cleaner and wipe rags available. This will end once the pet recognizes your house as its home and knows how and when to get outside for relief.

Maintain contact with us. It seems like for weeks there are none, and then dogs appear at our doorsteps in bunches. Telephone and leave a voice message if we don’t answer right off. We are a small, all-volunteer organization, easily distracted by things like work, plumbing leaks, and children; it may take a few days before we can get back to you. Please be patient. Think of us like the government, except you didn’t elect us, you can’t replace us, we don’t have all your tax dollars to spend, and we do try hard.

If approved, you will be added to the waiting list for the dog you would like. Once we think there is a match, you will get to meet the prospective dog in your home. We can then see how the first contact goes. We generally perform a home check to make sure that your yard is secure and that there is an overall compatibility between your home environment and the needs of the prospective dog. This seems intrusive, but it’s not; it’s best for you, for us, and for the dog.

You must sign a contract (Online Form – or – PDF form), agree to its terms, and pay our modest adoption fee ($250-$500). We are an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Set your browser’s home page to our web site ; you can check for new dogs every time you connect. With increasing hits, we are moving up on the search engine result lists, and that helps people find us all the more.

Consider this decision carefully. You may be wondering about whether you want to adopt a Samoyed dog or whether a particular dog is the right one for you. That’s OK. One thing you can do–and we encourage it–is for you to foster the adoptable dog for a time at your house. You still have to have the home check to make sure the dog will be safe and secure around your house, but the trial can be limited to a specific time period. At any point that it becomes clear that the adoption won’t work, then we’ll arrange another foster home for the dog. This is a great way for you, your family, your other pets, and the new Samoyed to get past the initial introductory shock period and see whether the new home works out.